Ghana Reggae Star Says Legislators Use Marijuana; Faces Court

Popular Ghanaian reggae singer “Blakk Rasta” has been summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee after he said that most of the West African country’s legislators use marijuana, officials said on Friday.

Use Marijuana

Speaker Doe Adzaho has issued an order for the musician, whose real name is Abubakar Ahmed, to answer to lawmakers for making claims that could cause damage to the reputation of parliament.

The comments, made on radio station HitzFM, angered many lawmakers and Blakk Rasta could be prosecuted or be made to withdraw the comments and publicly apologize to the politicians.

Speaking to Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3FM, the radio presenter said many lawyers have shown interest in his case and are ready to join him challenge the MPs on the subject of making it legal to use marijuana.

“I am waiting for the official invite, the date and the time. I will wear my best attire, my African attire and if I have the opportunity I will talk about other things.”

“I am saying we should legalise weed for industrial use, we can use it for shoe and pomade and other things…I will go there with God.”

“What I said was that about 80 percent of parliamentarians all over the world may have used marijuana,” he told Reuters. Not that they use marijuana

“From two days back 56 lawyers have called me and written to me via text messages and all that to be part of this,” Blakk Rasta said.

The 40-year-old musician, famous in Ghana for a song eulogizing Barack Obama that earned him a dinner meeting with the U.S. president when he visited Accra in 2009, said he was misunderstood.

He said the comment was part of his fight to legalize the drug.



Do you agree that it is about time that governments of the world made it legal to use marijuana?