Karma Music Video – Bounty Killer ft Lukie D

Karma Music Video


Hide from de laws of man
But you can’t hide from de laws of God
You tink you bad, you mad
It’s Lukie D along wi de Grung God
Justice is a must
It’s clear morals they don’t have

Verse 1

You rape and kill off de one likkle Serry-Anne
De only source of joy to her single mom
De tears streaming down her face
But these tears will never go to waste
You burn de suit and wash de blood off ah you han’
Sitting here cleaning up up you murder weapon
Tinking who next you gonna abuse
You cannot hide behind de bleach way you use


You wash away the blood
But you can’t wash away the crime
You can celebrate now
But you ah go cry when ah payment time

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Karma Music Video