Raging Fyah – Dance With You Music Video

Raging Fyah -Dance With You

I tell you raise up a child fe know what’s wrong from right
And that if, you do the right you get a constant fight
But if you clean up you heart and keep your conscience light
Then you will reap the reward when it is judgement time
Don’t be surprised it’s just how people stay
When you ah start dem not even ah blow breeze your way
But as you rise is like to you dem wan fe kneel and pray
De most high light dem wan fe steal and take
No come ya with you hypocrite smile
We say livity you see we living in style
And now dem want ah piece of the pie
Dem wan fe get to heaven but dem neva reach fu de sky
Dem wan fe reach inna you pocket, breach you current like ah socket
You guard dem wan you drop, fe blast off like ah rocket yo
The same ones that laughed at you
Now dem running after you…who?

All wanna Dance With You

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