Wash The Tears Music Video – Gramps Morgan

Wash The Tears Music Video

What is there to worry about when you know you have the greatness if Jah behind you. Gramps Morgan reminds us to find strength in faith and keep fighting through life.

My songs are not smiling songs
We shall be alright, yea yea
Don’t you cry
Don’t you cry, yea

Cause jah shall wash away
All the tears from my eyes
In times when the storms
And the tides are raging high
We know we shall win, yea
We know well survive, yea
Jah shall wash away all the tears oooo,

In this time of destruction
We must hold on firm
We got to get along
Been over hurdles all of the mountain tops
Forward on we all are marching on we say

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Wash The Tears Music Video