Dre Island – On Time Music Video

On Time

De whole nine yard you rob from you was a likkle yout
Now you tun big man ah big gun you ah shoot
From wha day all de old ‘oman stall you wan’ loot
You never sew de seed but still you wan’ pick de fruit

I say oh my lord ol man call him ah brute
You muma grow you good so why you tek de wrong route
I Say don’t choose d trench coat over Khaki suit
Through de glimmer and the glatter you tink gangsta life cute

No mek dem mythical lies pollute you mind
You better know all de times no pree no sign
Youts trod on no live you life pan borderline
Nuff ghetto youts no get fe live pass twenty nine

Throughout these roughest times
I know Jah will be on time
So don’t you ever get weary
Even though the times contrary

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