My Dream Music Video (Official) – Nesbeth

My Dream Music Video

Mek me start dah one yah
Like how Martin Luther King woulda start it

My dream, my dream
My dream, my dream, my dream
Tell yuh my dream is fi live my dream
Hail di Most High inna mi sleep when mi see him
Tell yuh my goal, my goal, my goal
All o my goal is fi reach my goal
Live a happy life, put it pan mi headstone
Nuh baddy no fi cry ova mi dead …

Look at me now
When dem treat mi less than good
Put mi inna box like a rectangle
Oh ohh
Look at me now, oh!
Look at me now, oh oh!
Look at me now, oh!
A mi a tell yuh my life
Weh dem use to go roun’ mi, go roun’
Nuh one use to come roun’ me,
My life was so lonely, oh ohh!
Look at mi now, oh!
Look at mi now, oh oh!
Look at mi now, oh!

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My Dream Music Video