Travelling Home Music Video – Iba Mahr

Travelling Home Music Video

A destination that we should all be heading towards…..Love. Iba Mahr provides a beautiful contribution to the soundtrack we could use on a journey to love. Hold firm to faith.

Yes Haile I the first
Glory and honour to the king
The kingdom of Selassie I
Is Stronger than the walls of Jericho

Well it’s another day
For us to celebrate
Holding tight to the faith
Not saying everything you touch will turn gold
But accept the truth unfolds
Too long you’ve been a victim of their mind control

Father, father we are asking you to come
And secure your kingdom
Cauz wicked works dem ah share inna lump sum
For every wrongdoing that’s been going on
Is an example of what’s right from wrong
So never you be caught in the line, well

Traveling me traveling
Traveling me traveling
To a place where love is home….

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travelling Home Music Video

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