Corners of my Mind Music Video – Tanya Stephens

Corners of my Mind Music Video

In the corners of my room
Doom you waits for me
She said she leaving
She said she gone
In Corners of my mind
I tried to figure
Where did we go wrong
Where did we go wrong

Baby it could been someting simple
Wha’ snap and mek we cross the line
A little too much wine can warp the mind
Or maybe it just wasn’t our time
Maybe we coulda done everything a little different
And it still turn out the same
Or we could played every chord right
And the out come could have change fe de worst
Coulda write the song by the book
Get the best hooks
Still fall out pon de verse
Best we get, no regrets

And some day when some other gyal
A get pon you nerve
and some other man a less than me think me deserve
And we back to perplex and ah wonder wha next
Memba old friends rebound sex a di best

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Corners of my Mind Music Video