In My Life Music Video Jah Vinci

In My Life Music Video

Sometimes you will see me smile
You don’t know what it’s inside
Lot of pain mi a hide but mi still hold mi pride
Sometimes you may think that it’s easy
Di way how me a live it don’t please me
A lot of kids wanna be me but they don’t really see dat

In my life I feel da paa-a-a-in
And I cry, tears like ra-a-a-in
And If I died, my name rema-a-a-ain
Know that I stand for righteousness

Verse 1

Tell mi now
How me fi name Jah Vinci and mi madda still poor
Cyan tek di dutty livin no more
Nuff times mi sing to fi fans still mi throat get sore
And me don’t rob di food is sure
Dem waan me fi smile and pretend when a nuff me endure
An me a search and me pocket dem bore
Cyan find mi daughta school fee, landlord knock down me door
A me just forward off a’ tour

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In My Life Music Video