Perfect Love Song Music Video – Morgan Heritage

Perfect Love Song Music Video

If only e could all feel the kind of love Morgan Heritage sings about in this song….

Hear mi nuh baby. Whoa na na na na (Whoa na na na)
Baby whoa na na na (baby whoa na na)
Just one touch, one kiss from your lips, it’s heaven, yeah

Loving you is like the perfect love song
You know the one that you always wanna hear
And when my day’s going all wrong
Seeing you is like the song in my ear
So all I need is you baby, body to body, with only you baby, and I don’t need another
Cause baby what we got, we got a perfect, perfect love song

Ah just di way you look pon mi when you see mi (see mi)
And di way you put it pon mi when you gimme (gimme)
Ah suh mi love when di fyah blaze, you see mi (see mi)
Nah guh see mi roam round like I’m a gypsy……

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Perfect Love Song Music Video