Kymani Marley - Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times Music Video - Kymani Marley and Gentleman


What a powerful combination of conscious Reggae icons. Kymani Marley and Gentleman each delivers an epic performance on this song. Lyrics and melody weaving through a piano led instrumental add to the power of this song. They talk about the state of the world and the level of negativity that seems to surround us these days.

It's a wonderful world and bare mad people
Beautiful world but bare sad people
We seeking sense, searching for reason
Everybody trying to be even
A wonderful world and pare mad people
Beautiful world and pare sad people
Mistrust and accusation of treason
But people still ah change like the season

So many rainy days but still no see no water
Fathers can't protect them sons can't protect them daughter
We need a little spark so we can be he fire starter
Bring back the joy so we can remember the laughter
We shoulda take it slow, instead of going faster
What could be a joy could turn out inna disaster..

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Signs of the Times Music Video