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Africa Lyrics


Mama, mamaaa, Mama Africa
Mama Mamaaa…

Dem tell we say AIDS come from Africa
Dem tell we say slaves come from Africa
Dem tell we fi stay far from Africa
‘Cause dem say a bare war dung a Africa

Mother of civilization
One less than fifty-five nation
Look pon di globe is like the heart of the world
All part of the world, dem ah feel the vibration
Di Rasta man dem a say repatriation
Marcus Garvey did ah preach the migration
But dem a tell we a nuh visa yuh need
Fi go deh you need immunisation…

Dem say Ebola, dung a Africa
Den wha happen to whole de heap a gold wha dung a Africa
How dem nuh tell we bout de night life inna Africa
Like she a just jungle and wildlife, deh a Africa

Let’s ask de people in the heart of the Congo
If a really Tarzan a di King of de Jungle
We know say every elephant a nuh Jumbo
And a nuh everybody tall like Mutumbo
Show we all de king dem and de queen dem
Not only the starving refugees dem
My African ancestors lived as freemen
So hear wha me a pree den…

How dem say slaves come from Africa
Dem tell we say AIDS come from Africa
Dem tell we fi stay far from Africa
Now dem tell we ah bare war deya Africa

Mama, mama, mama Africa
Mama, mama, mama Africa
Mama Africa, oh Mama Africa
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Liberia
And me say Chad and Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria
Then hear me now Senegal, Ivory Coast, Liberia
The Central African Republic, Uganda in the interior
Then follow me now…
Hear me now Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia
Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa back to Zambia
Hey Madagascar, say Botswana, Angola
And me say Namibia, hey Gabon
Togo and Ghana, Sierra Leon to the Gambia
Ivory Coast…

Mama Africa
Hear me now, Mama Africa

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