Book of Life Music Video – I Wayne

Book of Life Music Video

Follow this journey through the mind of I Wayne as he narrates how man is living

The book of life
The book of life
Sip the water from the brook of life
Nuff got animal inna dem pot
bout dem a cook a spice
Youts what you say or do
Should be tru

With a nasty scorn
The wicked look at life
Dem got ice pick and knife
and a stab anna juk at..
Dem all a dash dem web
Dem net dem hook at life
Dem seh dem want dem wing
to go to heaven to look for christ
While dem a bow down anno worship dem images
Iwayne keep yodding life pilgrimage
Tafari never wrong nor fall
So still him is highly give
Life privilage in all the villages to live
To life give praises
For these infinite Stages
I naah Stoop fi noh wages
Bun Babylon slave Biz
Dem Separate man and woman
And lock dem inna cages
dem seh more sodomy so less babies
dem seh more birth control and abortion for the ladies
for ages….

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Book of Life Music Video

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