Burning Music Video

Well there are many people that find it hard to start their day without a cup of coffee. Welcome to a new era. Koffee definitely has a different flavour but one you will want to get a daily dose of…

Come wid di fiyah, di city burning down
Mi jus a tun it up higher and keep it burning
It a bun like a tire, me have a burning sound
And if we try fi retire me leave dem yearning
None cyan out my flame
No it cyan quench, cyan cool, cyan tame
Since di devil nu like it him say fi turn it down
So me jus give him the fyah and mek it burn him

Koffee pon de street, tank top inna di heat,
jeans pants and crocs, no socks deh pon me feet
Knapsack when me a beat well pack up and it neat
Stay woke, no sleep, me no likkle bo peep


Burning Music Video

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