Daddy Music Video – Queen Ifrica

Daddy Music Video

With so many cases being brought up against football coaches in the UK regarding child abuse, it’s important to remember that the abuse is not restricted to sport. Speak out.

Daddy don’t touch mi there
I’m gonna tell on you one day I swear
Can’t you see I’m scared
You suppose to be ma father

Everyday I wonder why ma daddy had to be di one to take away my innocence
Oh sometimes a wanna die, it feels like no one cares for me and it’s evident
That something must be wrong with me
I’m not as happy as I seem to be
The long showers I take don’t wash away the memories
Why do I have to face these tragedies
We go thru struggles in life I’m aware
But to have ma daddy touching me that’s just not fair
Stop him from destroying ma future
Believe me he’s behaving like a creature

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Daddy Music Video

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