5 Female Reggae Artists to check out

5 Female Reggae Artists to check out

In the world of Reggae, you find that women can hit just as hard as the men. These female Reggae Artists deliver just as much fire as their male counterparts.

Queen Ifrica

With roots firmly secured in the Rastafarian faith, Queen Ifrica is one of the top cultural artists in reggae, swarming the airwaves with hits for almost two decades. As an active community leader, Ifrica is involved in several outreach programs for children in Jamaica’s inner-city and charity shows where proceeds are donated to the cause.


Reggae soul songstress with an uplifting message and inspirational sounds. Ranging from performances on a full live band to an up-close and personal acoustic set with a guitarist and her vocals. always leaving fans on a natural and spiritual high. Singer/Songwriter/Activist, Inspiring and changing lives through music and philanthropy.

Judy Mowatt

In terms of female reggae artists, Judy Mowatt is sometimes considered to be the first. In the early 1970s, she was associated with Bunny Wailer and wrote some of the tracks he recorded. 1974, saw her get her big break by joining Bob Marley’s backing vocal trio the “I Threes”.

Many critics consider Her Black Woman album (1980) to be the greatest reggae album by a female artist. The album was also the first reggae album recorded by a woman acting as her own producer. She became the first female singer nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of reggae music when her Working Wonders album was nominated in 1985.

Queen Omega

Queen Omega hails from San Fernando in Trinidad. She was raised in a musical family. As a result, she grew up listening to soul artists like Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, and Whitney Houston. As well as jazz and the traditional music of Trinidad.

Queen Omega is well on her way to creating a sort of consistency the roots side of reggae needs from a female artist.

Marcia Griffiths

Marcia Griffiths is another prominent Jamaican singer. Her Strong, smooth love songs that she delivers in captivating live performances always leave an impression on her listeners. She has also been recording and performing music for over 50 years. As a result, we think should earn her the title of ‘Queen’ at the very least. Her recording of Bunny Wailers ‘Electric Boogie’ remains the highest-selling single by a female reggae singer of all time because of its timelessness.

There are certainly more female Reggae Artists out there. Who is your favourite?

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