Go A Bed Hungry Music Video – Edgar Rebel & Owen Knibbs


Taking it back to an old school Reggae vibe, Owen Knibbs and Edgar Rebel deliver a message that is so relevant in these times. Not everything that glitters is gold so be mindful of what you chase down in this world.


Me redda go a bed hungry
Than sit up inna jailhouse (Hear wha de man say)
Me redda go a bed hungry
Than lay dung inna jail house

I’m not gonna rob,
I’m not gonna steal (For real)
I’m juggling hard
To provide my meal (Man have to pay the bills)
I’m not red eye (That’s not my style)
I always try (Which is not a surprise)
And one of these days
I must get a bligh (Jah Jah mek me wise)

Me redda go a bed hungry
Than living in a jailhouse


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