Herbalist Music Video – Cali P

Herbalist Music Video

As Cali P says, some people were just born to appreciate the goodness of the herb. Smoking is not a trend it’s a serious meditation.

Original herbalist, Cali P a real ganjah man
Bun it up inna de plane, and mek dem smell how mi tan
From me 13 me sow and reap pon the ganjah farm,
Meditate before the school, so me know wah me depon
From me a likkle bwoy ganjah bun ca’ Pa a Rastaman
Still me ganjah mek me spend nuff time a station
With nuff question bout’ weh me come from
But anyway look today me still firm and strong
And fi me come in dem seh dem ago legalize it a london
From inna the airport speaker buss big ganjah song
Curtis Lynch a the link look how the Dancehall ram
But when it come to ganja Cali P a the man

Man a herbalist

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herbalist Music Video

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