Just Like You Music Video – Chris Martin

Just Like You Music Video

It’s about time we started having more songs about fathers and the good they do. Big up to Christopher Martin for the beautiful tribute. The role a father plays is not to be under-appreciated.

Me Daddy, went for a walk just the other day
With my daddy right beside me
Son what you wanna be when you grow up
I don’t want to be no police man
Cause crime is getting out a hand
No lawyer, no fire-man
He said what you gonna be then

Just like you
Mi never ever see you dis my mommy
Take care a me youth like yo take care a me
That’s who I wanna be

Just like you,
Nuff youth don’t know dem daddy
Thank God me know mine and him take care a me
Daddy yuh a me general

Me buss a blank for me daddy
From de day mi born him always being there for me
Thru de up’s and downs yuh know yuh always being around
So everyday mi show yuh love
And no just fathers day alone

…..full lyrics

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Just Like You Music Video

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