Mr Heartless Music Video Anthony B

Mr Heartless Music Video

As Anthony B warns, you will always suffer for the evil deeds that you do so try to move with a little more love and compassion for your fellow man.

You worthless
Pass mi sword and mi cutlass
You think is a laughing matter this

You a try everything you have you trap set up
And you plan is for one brother to hate the other brother
And slay him so Babylon can crush him cup
It’s a pity many of the youths don’t realize
That you stray them with your dollars
Give them your killing orders
And turn around and sell dem out just like french fries
But here is what you do, you use the youths like dem a tool
For doing a bag a evilous things
But woe be on to you for turning people pickney fool
You shatter their hopes and dreams
You can’t deny don’t even try
You are the reason why decomposed bodies are often found
But will not be for long can’t escape with all your wrong…

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Mr Heartless Music Video

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