I’m Living Music Video

Always a champion for the poor and disadvantaged in society, Sizzla once again delivers a song to empower them. Let that light inside you shine regardless of what challenges you are facing in your life.

Emperor Selassie I, Jah

I’m living, for the sick and the poor
The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
I’m giving, all I’ve got and more
I know Jah will bless me and open up the doors
I’m living, for the young and the old
The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
I’m giving, Jah Jah love, to all of the
Beautiful people of the world

Governments coming with the same damn thing,
Million year, trillion years, ‘aint doing one thing
Children, listen when the Rastaman sing –
No matter the destruction, gwaan praise the King


I’m Living Music Video

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