Inhumane Music Video – Singa Vytal

Inhumane Music Video

Violence in any form is not something we should ever feel compelled to promote but violence against women and children is something a little more “Inhumane’. Singa Vytal with his silky smooth vocals brings attention to an increase in acts of violence against women and children and makes an impassioned plea for people to walk away from such a lifestyle.

Inhumane Lyrics

De woman dem ah no you property
Better you lef if uno ah disagree
Cyan support you fe box her dung
Me no support fe kick her dung ah grung
You need fe member say ah she wash you dutty clothes
And ah she give birth to your soul
Dem dey style ah no real man behaviour
Pan you attitude me ah go put a fire bun

Stop killing the ladies
Stop kill the little babies
Stop killing the ladies
Ah better uno lef if uno cyan ‘gree

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