Jah Rule The World Music Video

The belief in a higher power drives many of us. It drives many of us to be accountable for our lives and to strive for better for our communities. Cali P reminds us here of the importance of maintaining that connection

And even when the time’s cold
We blaze the fire cauz de warrior dem brave and bold
Pray to Jah and never lose the control
Cauz inna babylon it easy fe go sell your soul
Give thanks Jah guide me pan de road
Bring I to different places and mek the truth be known
Rastafari, is the ruler of the globe

My people rejoice and shout it out loud
Jah rule the world
The fire whey de rastaman blaze it cyant out
Jah rule the world…….full lyrics

Jah Rule the World Lyrics

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Jah Rule the World Music Video

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