Kujichagulia Playlist – Kwanzaa

Kujichagulia Playlist

In the spirit of the African inspired celebration of Kwanzaa, we have decided to put together some playlists to help honour its principles. Kujichagulia is the second principle of Kwanzaa. It is the Kiswahili word for self-determination.  The principle of Kujichagulia is to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves

Here we have put together some Reggae songs that carry that message of self-determination. Along with consciousness, is the key to defining our own lives and controlling our destiny.

Here is the list of the songs that are included on the Kujichagulia Playlist.

Agent SascoNever Let Them Break You Downbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
PressureLion is a Lionbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Clinton FearonSleeping Lionbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Damien MarleySpeak Lifebuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
BugleRise Againbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Christopher MartinI’m a Big Dealbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
SizzlaSolid as a Rockbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Tarrus RileyShaka Zulu Pickneybuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Kabaka PyramidNever Gonna Be a Slavebuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Jesse RoyalCool and Deadlybuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music

If you can think of another Reggae song that we can add to the Kujichagulia Playlist, please comment below.

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