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Nadine Sutherland

Nadine SutherlandNadine Sutherland’s career history fits none of the stereotypes commonly attributed to Jamaican popular music stars. She made her stage debut at the age of nine as a winner of Jamaica’s popular Tastees Talent Contest. International reggae superstar Bob Marley, signed her to his Tuff Gong label while she was still an adolescent. Nadine went from being known as reggae’s “Teen Queen” with hits like “Starvation” and “Until” to garnering international acclaim as the co-lead on dancehall anthems “Action” and “Anything for You”. Considered by fans and critics alike to be the premier Jamaican female vocalist of her generation, Nadine continues to fulfill the promise she demonstrated as a child.

Throughout the 90’s, Nadine Sutherland was center stage in the dancehall with solo hits like “Babyface” and “Wicked & Wild” as well as her collaborations with top deejays including Buju Banton, Mad Cobra, Spragga Benz, and, of course Terror Fabulous and Canadian sing jay, Snow. Hit ballad “Pair of Wings” highlighted Nadine’s songwriting ability. Released near the time of the shocking death of promising reggae singer, Garnet Silk, her earnest and tender performance became the unofficial tribute. The 1997 release of her self-titled album on VP Records further showcased her depth and sincerity as a writer and a performer. The song “No, No (Not My Baby)” is one of the most powerful mother-to-son ballads ever written. Live performances of the song have brought tears to the eyes of the toughest men.

Having devoted most of her childhood and young adult years to her singing, Nadine took time recently to explore some of her other interests. “I was always on the road, and sometimes you start to wonder about being a normal woman, and what else you could be doing with your life.” She flexed her writing talents further with a weekly column in Jamaica’s top weekly publication. Her longtime love of dance led to her becoming a certified fitness instructor. At the same time, Nadine also realized that music is a true passion for her. “I’ve been singing since I was eleven and still going to school, but music has always picked me up and sustained me, although at times I’ve been confused as to what I should do.”

In 2004, Nadine Sutherland conquered yet another entertainment medium, television. As one of the judges on Jamaica’s first live talent search, Rising Stars, she has truly come full circle. The most popular television program in the Jamaica’s history, Rising Stars has become a cultural phenomenon. “I see myself in some of the young contestants, and I understand what they go through. I feel protective of them because this business can be rough, and you won’t always have someone to hold your hand.”

2006 was quite a year for Nadine Sutherland. She conquered stages all over the United States and the Caribbean with her revamped live show that celebrates her more than two decades in the business. Her spirit-filled tribute to Joseph Hill of Culture was a highlight of his memorial service. She also made a return to the charts with her hit singles and videos for “Keep Me Safe” and “Can’t Tek It” (featuring Chrisinti).

In addition to Rising Stars she is the spokesperson for Suppligen Soy, a Nestle-owned nutritional replacement popular in the Caribbean. She, along with Eight76 Records producer YahBreeze wrote and produced Call My Name, her first full-length album in almost a decade. Released April 3, 2007 Call My Name reflects the many facets of the woman who has come full circle from precocious moppet to teen queen to full-fledged reggae superstar. The album has given both Nadine and Eight76 Records their first appearance on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart, debuting at #14. Though she has already accomplished so much in her life, Nadine has no intention of slowing down. “I still have dreams to fulfill, and this is just the latest leg of my journey.”

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