Nuh Trust Babylon Music Video – Lutan Fyah

Are you wondering whether or not to take the vaccine? Well Lutan Fyah pulls no punches in letting us know what he thinks about the authorities AKA Babylon. They are definitely not to be trusted. I think it’s safe to say you will not find him lining up for the vaccine anytime soon.

 Last year dem a say ah ebola 
Now this year dem a seh a carona 
Ah don’t trust babylon not even dah phone yah 
Ah thats why mi role with a gun in my folder 
Wah mek babylon waan be me boss 
An dem know a nuh dem have eh last laugh 
Dem lock dung mi shop and kick dung mama stall 
And every day dem open a new shopping mall

Me nuh trust babylon at all at all
Me nuh trust babylon at all 
Dem online store tek whe
But dem cant charge rasta man fi fraud 
See dem a ramp rough suh dem ago fall hard 
Me see dem a provoke a number 3 war 
Nuh trust babylon at all at all 
Me nuh trust babylon at all at all

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