Who to Listen to in Reggae Music Today

You might hear some people say there are no great artists in Reggae music today….well they’re wrong

Like most things in this world that are subject to time, there will be evolution. A change and growth to adapt to new environments. Reggae music today is no different. As much as its sound may have adapted though, the vibe and energy still hold true to it’s roots.

That may be why some people refer to some of the emerging artists of today as championing a Roots Revival but it was never dead. No need to revive what was always alive. You may just have been looking on the wrong places.

Here are five artists Making some great Reggae Music today that I’m sure you’ll be able to connect to and resonate with.


The son of Reggae singer Chronicle, Chronixx is already giving off the vibe of a legend in the making. It feels like everything he touches is a hit.

“Gimme de one drop beat and a mic
Get me talk from me heart ah no pretend me pretending
Ah love free I and I
No deal wid hate, ah just love me defend”

Kabaka Pyramid

Kabaka Pyramida has a unique musical style blending the lyricism of Hip hop, with the energy and melody of Reggae and Dancehall.Lyrically, there are few that can come close to his ability. His lyricism would even out do many of the Hip Hop greats.

“Nuff youts me teach bout de knowledge way me read bout
Nuff ah dem get vex ah de college when me leave out
Me bun de freak out, ah Kemet de youts ah seek out
I have a dream and it’s not bout no beach house!”

Lutan Fyah

Lutan is keen to follow in the steps of two of his idols Dennis Brown and Garnet Silk, by not only singing hard‐hitting songs with a positive message, but making commercial sounds that will introduce him to the mainstream of Reggae music today.

“Father God show me,
Bossman you better gimme whah you owe me
Me ah work fe what me want
So me must mek it slowly but surely”

Tarrus Riley

Son of the great Jimmy Riley, Tarrus Riley is making his name as a major Reggae crooner similar to the great Beres Hammond. With a smooth voice and passionate delivery with every stage performance, expect great things to continue to come from this legend in the making.

“Today me rise like de sunrise
Me bright and me upright, no one can bruk my vibes
Me no care who wan’ fight and who wan’ criticise
I’m on a higher height”

Chris Martin

Speaking about crooner, this man is dangerous when it comes to the ladies. A confidence and charisma not seen in many artists, Chris Martin knows his talents when it comes to romancing the ladies. Of course, being born on Valentine’s Day might have something to do with that.

“I’m like a walking razor don’t you watch my size I’m dangerous
Man a stepping razor girls love my style I’m dangerous
They get addicted to my vibe, I make them feel so good inside
Intoxicated by my smile, these girls fall in no time”

Iba Mahr

Iba is an African word that translates to meaning humble and calm and this artist is the epitomy of that. With a strong sense of African culture, Iba Mahr bring a message of love, peace, righteousness and spiritual consciousness.

“Spread rumour say me woman ah gimme bun
But I no listen talking yes I no listen none
Last night was a very good night
Yes ah me and me empress hold tight”

Who else are you listening to in Reggae music today?

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