Rest in Power Steve ‘Grizzly’ Nisbett of Steel Pulse

On Thursday, January 18, Steel Pulse announced the death of their former band member via Facebook.

Steve “Grizzly” Nisbett, born 15 March 1948 in Nevis was a drummer and founding member of the reggae group Steel Pulsefrom 1977 to 2001.

It was in 1957 when he left the Caribbean to join his parents in Birmingham. Playing drums and percussion became the way he began to express himself and he went on to play in various soul bands various soul bands such as Penny Black, Rebel, and Roy Gee and the Stax Explosion.

He joined Steel Pulse in 1977 before their debut album Handsworth Revolution. He remained with the band until their 1997 release Rage and Fury.  In 1998 he gave up the honours of being the main drummer to Conrad Kelly, but continued to play the percussion for the band. Nisbett retired from the band in 2001 due to health concerns, on good terms.

Steve Nisbett

After leaving the band, he lived in Perry Barr, Birmingham, England, and owned his own record company, Grizzly Records.

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