10 Beautiful Reggae Songs for Mama

When it comes to songs for mama, it doesn’t get much better than Reggae

Garnett Silk – Mama

“Oh Mama, you can depend on me now, cauz I’ve seen you’ve tried your best
Now it’s up to me, to do the rest”

Sizzla – Thank You Mama

“Thank You Mama for the 9 months you carried me through, All those pain and sufferings
No one knows the pressure you bear just only you, give You all my Love again.”

Chris Martin – Mama

“Mama grow me nah de real slum, me see real shotta, me see real yeah
And she tell me say no son, no pick up machine that’s no fun nooo.”

Songs for mama

Romain Virgo – Mama’s Song

“Mumi me love there’s nothing me put above you, no house nah no girl nah no car,
Stand firm inna me life nothin no budge you, from me born ah me and you ah par.”

Gyptian – Mama Don’t Cry

“I wish every mother in the world was just like you,
Loving is so kind, oh yes my mama, you’re loving is so true”

Capleton – Mama

“Member the days of the cradle, Mommy a you cut the string from the navel
You always willing and able, fu mek sure say good food dey pon di table”

Songs for mama

Jah Mason – Mother

“Black mother of creation, you taught me how to love and car for a nation,
I request for you the best of health, it’s more than material wealth”

Alaine – Mama

“You gave me life and taught me how to live it, how to crawl, how to walk, how to run
You gave me love and taught me how to give it, and made me believe I could fly”

Jah Cure – This One for you Mama

“To all mothers of the world, sing this for you, diamonds for you, rubies and pearl
All mothers of the world, sing this for you, gold crown for you, queen of the world”

Jah Vinci – Mama Don’t Worry

“Mama don’t worry, don’t cry no more, even when heartache knocks at your door
Don’t be discouraged, better days are sure and I know Jah will carry, carry your load”

Songs For Mama
What are your favourite songs for mama?