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Get to Know Morgan Heritage

‘Get to know Morgan Heritage‘ is a quick 10-minute mix of some of our favourite songs from the band sometimes known as the Royal family of Reggae. This mix should give you a taste of what Morgan Heritage has to offer and will hopefully inspire you to want to listen to more of their music. Definitely one of the most consistent and high-quality groups in Reggae for over 2 decades.


Tracks on this mix includes;

    • Here Come The Kings
    • Tell Me How Come
    • Ends Nah Meet
    • Nothing to Smile Bout
    • Don’t Haffi Dread
    • Perfect Love Song
    • Faithful
    • Your Best Friend
    • She’s Still Loving Me
    • Down By The River

As always, please remember to show love and support to Reggae artists so that they may continue to bring you great music.

Get to Know Morgan Heritage

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