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Get to Know I-Octane


‘Get to know I-Octane’ is a quick 10-minute mix of some of our favourite songs from the artist. This mix should give you a taste of his talent and will hopefully inspire you to want to listen to more of his music. I-Octane style and smooth-raspy vocals remain distinctive and easy to identify so take some time to enjoy.

Get to Know I-Octane

Tracks on this mix includes;

  • L.O.V.E.Y.O.U
  • Pretty Little Flower
  • Love You Like I Do
  • Mama You Alone
  • Lose a Friend
  • Hurt By Friends
  • Study Yuh Friend
  • Gay ah Gimme Bun
  • Jah ah Run Bout Yah
  • Happy Time

As always, please remember to show love and support to Reggae artists so that they may continue to bring you great music.

Get to Know I-Octane

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