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Ujima Playlist

We continue in the spirit of the African inspired celebration of Kwanzaa. Today we bring our fifth playlist to help honour the next principle of Kwanzaa. Kuumba is the fifth principle of Kwanzaa. It translates as ‘Creativity’.  The principle of Kuumba is to do always as much as we can in the way that we can in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than when we inherited it.

Here we have put together some Reggae songs that carry that message of creativity. The message of being creative within the context of the national community vocation of restoring our people to their traditional greatness and thus leaving our community more beneficial and beautiful than we, each generation, inherited it.

Here is the list of the songs that are included on the Kuumba Playlist.

Jesse RoyalThis Morningbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Tarrus RileyMy Daybuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
ChronixxI Canbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Morgan HeritageWe are Warriorbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Kabaka PyramidLyrics Deitybuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Busy SignalBrighter Daysbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Clinton FearonFeeling the Samebuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Nattali RizeRebel Frequencybuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
MelloquenceHot Watabuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Ziggi RecadoBlessedbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music

If you can think of another Reggae song that we can add to the Kuumba Playlist, please comment below.

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