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We continue in the spirit of the African inspired celebration of Kwanzaa. Today we bring our fifth playlist to help honour the next principle of Kwanzaa. Nia is the fifth principle of Kwanzaa. It translates as ‘Purpose’.  The principle of Nia is to make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

Here we have put together some Reggae songs that carry that message of purpose. The message that we are first and foremost social beings whose reality and relevance are rooted in the quality and the kinds of relations we have with each other.

Here is the list of the songs that are included on the Nia Playlist.

Kabaka PyramidMy Timebuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Buju BantonDestinybuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
SizzlaMake it Rightbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
ChronixxBlack is Beautifulbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Anthony BKing in my Castlebuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Fantan MojahRasta Got Soulbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Morgan HeritageLiberationbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Agent SascoWinning Right Nowbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
EtanaI Risebuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Lutan FyahAmbitionbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music
Bob MarleyRedemption Songbuy-button-amazon-Love-Reggae-Music

If you can think of another Reggae song that we can add to the Nia Playlist, please comment below.

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